brilliant DESIGN

Stone, wood, concrete, glass & metal

900PLACE Residences Fort Lauderdale Florida Facade Sketch
Each unit is conceived to have ample, bright open spaces without sacrificing space efficiency.
More space is not necessarily a synonym of more comfort.
  • Creatively designed for efficiency.
  • Each well-appointed residence is laid out fluidly according to its own relation with its surroundings
  • Form – Function – Space become a single entity, and thus indivisible.
  • Light is drawn in from the outside to envelop your everyday life.
  • Passive energy saving design, incorporating aesthetically visual louvers and trellises for temperature, lighting and privacy control.
  • Emphasis on the outdoor – indoor space relationship as part of the everyday living.
  • True tropical vegetation using Florida native species with low maintenance, and durable appearance.
  • Landscaping understood as part of the building, providing privacy, visuals in a comfort zone.
  • Bold use of noble materials, stone, wood, concrete, glass and metal.
  • Energy efficient design and cutting edge home technology oriented to long term savings and smaller carbon footprint.